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This Is What The NAACP Does …..

Social injustice harms our community everyday. Thanks to your support, our fight against all forms of racial bias continues ever day.

With the support of NAACP members, we are forging a better future each day for men, women, and children of our community.  We focus our resources on social justice for ALL. Whether it’s support for grassroots programs to benefit children, families, neighborhoods or communities, or breaking down barriers for minorities in the highest courts and in Congress, your NAACP will fight for the rights of people of color.

We push for legislation that promotes livable wages, discrimination-free employment, and reduction in poverty level.
We promote development and expansion of minority-owned businesses and economic reciprocity.

The NAACP operates the National Voters Assistance Hotline to provide ongoing assistance and monitor all reports of voter tampering, suppression, or fraud in local, state and national election. We ensure compliance to all provisions of the Voters Right Act.
Every year the NAACP registers thousands of voters.

In the Spring 2007 NAACP launched the ‘Stop’ Campaign, a multi-faceted initiative to promote positive images of minority youth and women. By targeting recording, television, and other media industries we aim to “STOP” publication or broadcast of defamatory words and denigrating speech of the African American culture

We fight to end racial profiling
The NAACP takes an aggressive approach to abolish and persecute incidents of police brutality.
Utilizing our extensive legal resources, we take a proactive approach to combating racial bias in law enforcement.

THE NAACP supports universal healthcare for all
We work across all levels of the healthcare system to expand access to quality healthcare, including prescription medicines to the more than 48 million Americans who lack health care coverage
We fight to cease the closures of hospitals in minority neighborhoods
We create initiatives to decrease rates of HIV AIDS in the community

We work to improve the effectiveness, accountability and accessibility of all public school systems
We work to reduce undue placement of minority youth in special education programs
We promote affirmative action and funding equity in higher education
We lobby to maintain and expand financial aid and PELL grants for higher education

We work daily for increased development of decent affordable housing in our communities
We advocate for increased access to credit, capital and financial services for minority communities